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Origin Han Sans UI Documentation

This modified version of Source Han Sans should only be used for OS X & iOS's GUI font purposes. Current Release is based on Adobe SHS 1.004.

Downloads are provided at:
For previous Release Histories, please check Major Update History.

To view those history commits before Wave 10, please check this repo:


Purposes other than GUI font usages may conflict to SHS's SIL License.
You may want to try official SHS builds for other purposes:


For intel regarding compatibilities between superOTC format and operating systems, please check Adobe SHS official documents on their repo.

The font superOTC file should be installed via sudo privileges to either the system font folder /System/Library/Fonts/ or library font folder /Library/Fonts/:

chown root:wheel "/Library/Fonts/FONTFILENAME.ttc"
chmod 644 "/Library/Fonts/FONTFILENAME.ttc"

These fonts' post script names are hidden under OS X; Only CTPresetFallbacks.plist and DefaultFontFallbacks.plist modified via this repo (in its additional resources folder) could let them work as GUI fonts in OS X Yosemite and El Capitan, with current STHeiti's removal strongly suggested.

OS X Factorial font Plist files couldn't work with this font set; The installers provided in the release page of this repo will help you install those plists I mentioned above if you wish.

For manual installation, the release page of this repo provides installer packages.

For unattended installation, you could use the following command:

sudo installer -pkg XXXXXXXXXXXX.pkg -target /

But this will automatically let Traditional Chinese OS X GUI use MOE standard SHS-UI fonts under OS X Yosemite.

Parameters Modified from SHS (excl. PostScript name)

See Parameter Changes:

About KangXi Old TypeFace

To fit necessities of Traditional Chinese "Old Typeface" fonts, we introduced some changes onto Korean version of OriginHanSansUI 1.004 to turn it into Old Typeface version, with its font name suffix "-TsingHan".


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