Full Disclaimer

  • This modified version of Source Han Sans should only be used for alternative GUI font purposes in OS X & iOS. Other purposes may cause troubles.
  • All modifications made by the tools provided in this repo are going to modify some specific system files. This may have some risk in a general sense. Meanwhile, we are trying our best to make them safe-to-use, but it doesn't mean that we are responsible for any kind of data loss by extreme circumstances.
  • In some cases, the packages provided here may trigger some internal bugs of some common software... We are definitely not responsible for such incompatible issues.
  • Those downloads provided in this GitHub repo certainly need STABLE access to CodePlex. We will definitely not be responsible for any issues caused by your unstable access towards here. (That's why we use "packages" instead of bash scripts, while those old bash scripts are still referable by accessing the commit history of this repo: https://github.com/othercat/CJKFontScript.)
  • This font uses external bash scripts to modify official source files of Source Han Sans (language-specific release), use sed commands to change parameters, trademarks, PostScript names, to let them compile Origin Han Sans super-OTC file OriginHanSansUI.ttc. The reason why I rename it is because of legal concerns of the "Source" trademark which belongs to Adobe.

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