Major Update History

2015Oct29(GMT+8) Wave 16, Codename "Sawabe Tsubaki" (澤部椿)

These updates were introduced since the Wave 15:

1. This update is made based on OS X El Capitan 10.11.1, but is supposed to work well with all El Capitan releases since October 1st, 2015.

2. Since the "Restore Standard Fonts" of the Font Book app may remove Origin Han Sans UI out of this system, we placed it back to /System/Library/Fonts/ folder.

3. Recent tests proved that our previous process regarding deprecated fonts are not making sure they are disabled in the system. From now on, all deprecated fonts moved into /Library/Application Support/Apple/Fonts/Deprecated/ folder will also get renamed with a ".deprecated" suffix.

4. To provide a better reading experience of serif fonts, we ships "Mingti TC / SC" fonts in this release and made them as your default serif Chinese fonts for webpages. This set of fonts are made by DynaComware which also presented PingFang family for Apple since El Capitan.

5. We use "Regular" instead of "Normal" weight for regular CJK text fonts this time, just as what we did with previous packages for OS X Yosemite.

6. The font installer package will now let the Nihongo UI font of iTunes follows system settings instead of reading Osaka font family. But, in case of iTunes updates (which may let iTunes read Osaka again), we provided independent iTunes font fallback fix package with no necessities of disabling System Integrity Protection.

2015Sep20(GMT+8) Wave 15, Codename "Arima Kōsei" (有馬公生)

These updates were introduced since the Wave 14:

1. This update is made based on OS X El Capitan 10.11.1 Beta 1 (newer than the finally-shipped OS X El Capitan 10.11 on October 1st, 2015), and this update is compatible with all further El Capitan releases.

2. Due to legal concerns regarding the "PingFang" trademark (Reason: ), we removed the faked Bold & Heavy weight of PingFang. If you choose to keep Chinese UI fonts as PingFang, the System UI part will read Bold & Heavy weight from Origin Han Sans while the webpage still only reads PingFang Semibold in such occasion.

3. El Capitan Factory Font Fallback Recovery package is shipped this time, but will only recover the factorial font plists files. Please fetch your STHeiti Backups via /Library/Application Support/Apple/Fonts/Deprecated/ folder.

2015Sep10(GMT+8) Wave 14, Codename "Miyazono Kawori" (宮園香璃)

These updates were introduced since the Wave 13:

1. Instead of permanently remove all copies of STHeiti, we let them moved them into /Library/Application Support/Apple/Fonts/Deprecated/ folder. To guarantee the display functionality, we also moved "LiHei Pro" and Osaka font files into that folder. (Osaka font files currently hijack the GUI font of iTunes while your system UI language is Japanese; PingFang is designed as an enhanced version of LiHei Pro)

2. We offered one more installation option as default that you only enable OHS-UI as UI fonts for Japanese and Korean UI. This choice is for those people who want united kanji reading experiences while using OS X under these two UI languages. In such case, all branches of Chinese UI fonts will still be PingFang. But, since PingFang has lack of Bold and Heavy weights, we use OHS-UI to made the fake version of them. By the time you choose this installation option, it will be installed into /System/Library/Fonts/. This could guarantee its removal by OS X Installer if you reinstall your system or upgrade to OS X 10.12 in the next year in case that Apple ask DynaComware to make official Bold and Heavy weights for PingFang.

3. Since OS X El Capitan Dev Beta 7, Apple solved its LineGap handling issue in its Finder. Thus, we now changed the HHEA Ascender & Descender & LineGap metrics to [880, -120, 30] to let it looks better in some applications. Please beware that we won't apply this change to the current standalone SuperOTC download of OHS-UI at this moment until OS X El Capitan officially shipped to the public in September 30, 2015. After that date, we will drop all support for OS X Yosemite.

2015Aug07(GMT+8) Wave 13, Codename "Igawa Emi" (井川絵見)

These updates were introduced since the Wave 12:

1. This is the final release for OS X Yosemite.

2. Since we dropped any support related to the "Twitter for Mac", we changed the HHEA Ascender & Descender metrics back to [1000, -234] to make sure it performs well on OS X El Capitan & Yosemite.

3. Since OS X El Capitan Dev Beta 6, Apple made it possible to specify a separate UI CJK-fallback font to zh-Hant-HongKong language (with zh-Yue) and made it parallel to zh-Hant-Taiwan. Since this release, we won't let users specifiy which font standards should the Traditioal Chinese CJK-fallback font follows during the package installation. Instead, people could use zh-Hant-HongKong or zh-Yue as their main system language to let the UI font follows the KangXi style.

4. For all OHS packages made for El Capitan, font fallback plists will now specify OHS's Normal / Light weights together with Regular / Light Latin weights.

2015Jun28(GMT+8) Wave 12, Codename "Aiza Takeshi" (相座武士)

These updates were introduced since the Wave 11:

1. In this release, we updated Origin Han Sans UI SuperOTC to adopt new HHEA Ascender & Descender metrics [1030, -241] across its all font weights. This could guarantee that it could display well on both El Capitan itself and "Twitter for mac".

2. The font package installer, for El Capitan, has made some changes regarding "how to check whether the target system is El Capitan" even though the package-making software "PACKAGES" does not support this via its GUI settings.

2015Jun24(GMT+8) Wave 11, Codename "Aiza Nagi" (相座凪)

These updates were introduced since the Wave 10:

1. Due to legal concerns, as what Ken Lunde suggested, we removed all "Source" trademarks among original source files. Thus, we made decision on changing the project name into "Origin Han Sans UI / 根源角ゴ UI / 根源黑体 UI". This changes will be reflected to those source files hosted on CodePlex only at this moment, but will also be reflected onto those source files hosted on GitHub in this late August.

2. Origin Han Sans UI is now updated based on official Source Han Sans 1.004.

3. We have found that both Bold and Heavy font weights may not display properly in some apps (e.g. Twitter for Mac). Thus, we adopt factorial Ascender & Descender metrics from the HHEA table of Official SHS 1.003 releases and applied them to Bold and Heavy font weights only.

4. Since the factorial font fallback plist files has been changed in El Capitan Dev Beta 2, the corresponded font installer package has been modified based on such update.

2015Jun14(GMT+8) Wave 10, Codename "Arima Saki" (有馬早希)

These updates were introduced since the Wave 9:

1. Due to legal concerns and font bugs regarding OTF features of Hiragino Sans GB, we stopped providing any Hiragino Sans GB & Old Typeface Chinese GUI font modification packages... and we will not make it for further OS X releases.

2. Due to legal concerns and lack of maturity, we will not make any PingFang GUI font modification packages for OS X Yosemite.

3. To fit necessities of Traditional Chinese "Old Typeface" fonts, we introduced some changes onto Korean version of SourceHanSansUI 1.003 to turn it into Old Typeface version, with its font name suffix "-TsingHan".

4. SourceHanSansUI now adopts new PostScript names as: SHSUI-Nihongo (Japanese), SHSUI-TsingHan (KangXi Old Typeface, used as Korean GUI font), SHSUI-PRChinaGB (Simplified Chinese), SHSUI-TaiwanMOE (CNS11643).

5. SourceHanSansUI has been rebuilt based on Adobe official SHS 1.003.

6. The SourceHanSansUI GUI Font Modification Package will provide an option to allow users apply Old Typeface on Traditional Chinese OS X GUI.

7. Since this wave, we start providing SourceHanSansUI GUI Font Modification Package for OS X El Capitan Developer Beta 1, but you have to turn off "Rootless" temporarily. During Installation, there will be some instructions available for you regarding that. Besides, we won't provide "factorial font fallback settings recovery package" for beta releases of OS X. Current plists in the master repo additional resources folder may not compatible to further beta releases of El Capitan.

2015May07(GMT+8) Wave 9, Codename "Ibata Junzou" (井端潤三)

These updates were introduced since the Wave 8:

1. In the previous update, all packages requires that the target system must be client distribution. This could let the installation failed on server distributions of OS X Yosemite. In this update, this restriction does not exist. If you have met installation failure on OS X Yosemite Server, this update should solve this issue.

2. In case of any unwanted data corruption while downloading, all packages are now zipped by the default archiver shipped with OS X Yosemite.

2015Apr17(MST) Wave 8, Codename "Ochiai Yuriko" (落合由里子)

These updates were introduced since the Wave 7:

1. This update is intended to let SourceHanSansUI follow up with Adobe Official SHS 1.002 update, but we had found a problem regarding exaggerated output file size of SourceHanSansUI during its SuperOTC compilation. Ken Lunde pointed out that it is necessary to do master compilation regarding some of those subfonts (which needs lots of hours per font file). Fortunately, we had figured out a way to compile those important subfonts simultaneously (which saved us days of time). Such fact made this release available much earlier than what we supposed.

2. Any font installation packages who removes STHeiti completely from the system will now move them into ~/.Trash folder in lieu of their removal. Let users decide whether remove or not.

3. SourceHanSansUI will become an offline installation package called "SHS-UI CJK GUI Font Modification Package", just as how the Hiragino Chinese GUI Font Modification made.

4. Till now, there will be only one installation script available regarding Source Han Sans Official SuperOTC installation. Thanks to @BlackGear who pointed out that there's a missing token in this script, it is fixed in this update.

2015Apr17(MST) Wave 7, Codename "Takayanagi Akira" (高柳明)

These updates were introduced since the Wave 6:

1. Apologies for introducing "755 instead of 644" privilege changes in "Seto Hiroko" update, that is not intended. I rechecked the default necesssary privilege settings used by Apple and have found that it is still 644. In this update, all 755 privilege settings are changed into 644.

2. Because there are still some places in the world couldn't have stable access to GitHub, we felt worry regarding the stability of installation due to any kinds of random issues. Besides, OS X, if retail version published, will use the same set of font fallback plists until next major version of OS X. Thus, we are introducing installer packages instead of online-install bash scripts. This could save lots of time and make things easier.

3. Source Han Sans 1.002 is coming, we won't remove bash scripts regarding SHS installations until our next major update (codename "Ochiai Yuriko"). But, we removed all other bash scripts and change Hiragino installation bash script into bash bootstrapper: it runs in unattended mode, download the Hiragino Chinese GUI Font Modification Package silently, install it silently, only prompts you just before the final reboot. If you still need to see those old bash scripts, please check the commit history of this repo.

4. From now on, all packages provided in this repo supports full-installation-via-terminal, and you could do unattended installation just as what does in this current update.

5. Hiragino Sans Old Typeface is introduced in the current Hiragino Chinese GUI Font Modification Package, and its modifier's name is written in the package (that name won't display if your system's GUI language is neither Simplified nor Traditional Chinese).

2015Apr15(MST) Wave 6, Codename "Seto Hiroko" (瀬戸紘子)

These updates were introduced since the Wave 5:

1. Based on what SAIONJI Natsume reported, the previous release of SourceHanSansUI was unable to display any glyph in certain UI elements of certain apps (incl. Microsoft Office 2016, Logic Pro X, etc.). After serious investigation, we finally found out that some UI elements in OS X are unable to show any glyph via those fonts which PostScript names begin with a decimal dot (this means that such PostScript name is hidden). Thus, we changed the PostScript names of SourceHanSansUI to make sure that they couldn't be treated as hidden fonts anymore: this could let SourceHanSansUI display properly in Microsoft Office 2016 and Logic Pro X.

2. Since OS X Yosemite's stable release has already been 14D131 (10.10.3) by the time this update is pushed, all concerned files in this repo and the OSXCJKFontPlists repo has been updated, incl. AEDKit Scripts.

2015Feb01(MST) Wave 5, Codename "Ogiso Setsuna" (小木曽雪菜)

These updates were introduced since the Wave 4:

1. We have found that the camouflaged fontset "SHSDeskInterface" couldn't be always displayed and its display priority could still be robbed by Apple's official fonts (esp. You don't want to remove some of those fonts, such as Hiragino Kaku Gothic ProN). In this update, we will replace this set with "SourceHanSansUI" instead*. But STHeiti will still be moved away since some apps and browsers specified them as their default Chinese display font.

2. Since OS X Yosemite has serious problem regarding its UILabel elements (they omit the lineGap data, cause display malfunction among multi-line filenames in Finder if the display font has lineGap data), Based on SHSDeskInterface, we add the LineGap data onto the existing Ascender parameter and then we set the new LineGap data into Zero. //Reference:

3. Since OS X Yosemite's stable release has already been 14C109 (10.10.2) by the time this update is pushed, all concerned files in this repo and the OSXCJKFontPlists repo has been updated, incl. AEDKit Scripts.

2014Dec04(MST) Wave 4, Codename "Ogiso Susumu" (小木曽晋)

These updates were introduced since the Wave 3:

1. SHSDeskInterface updated, only its lineGap changed to "100" while other metrics are reverted to Adobe's factorial settings (thanks to Kobayashi Ken, a.k.a. Ken Lunde, the programmer of SHS, for his suggestion on pointing out which parameter should be modified).

2. Since OS X Yosemite's stable release has already been 14B25 (10.10.1) by the time this update is pushed, all concerned files in this repo and the OSXCJKFontPlists repo has been updated, incl. AEDKit Scripts.

3. Thanks to Wells Riley @ , his repo inspired me that the system font could be installed in "/Library/Fonts/" folder. This means that only chown root:wheel chmod 644 permission settings and sudo atsutil databases -remove+ are mandatory regarding the installation of new system font files. Thus, we updated this repo and the OSXCJKFontPlists repo.

2014Nov08(MST) Wave 3, Codename "Kitahara Haruki" (北原春希)

These updates were introduced since the Wave 2:

1. We added some siblings of Hiragino Sans installer scripts to allow people use Hiragino Kaku Gothic ProN or Hiragino Sans GB as their Traditional Chinese GUI font.

2. We have received mass complaints on SHS's defect as GUI fonts while renaming files in Finder with CJK characters introduced, and lots of people don't like SHS 1.001's exaggerated line gap in horizontal texts. That's why we introduce SHSDeskInterface project. This is a forked project from SHS. It's a hidden font with camouflage to let the system font read them as its first priority, but this needs original CJK fonts' absence (we will only move STHeiti away to the backup folder in our Installer Scripts). See "For" above for more intel.

3. AEDKit Scripts and are updated with SHSDeskInterface's removal introduced.

2014Oct26(MST) Wave 2, Codename "Touma Kazusa" (冬馬和紗)

These bug fixes were introduced since the Wave1:

1. We changed constant of PlistRegEx into variable to make sure PlistRegEx will be downloaded to the Working Directory, not the User Root folder ./.
2. MD5 CheckSum process of PlistRegEx has been introduced.
3. Working Directory redefined as /tmp/FontInstallationWorkingDir/.
4. Mass fixes were introduced in order to avoid unpredictable errors like "script can not be executed under folders which contains space in their names".
5. AED(De-Fib) Scripts are now well-commented.

2014Oct26(GMT+8) Wave 1, First Stable Release

These bug fixes were introduced in recent days since this Git Project Starts:

1. Automatic De-Fib scripts have been introduced since this update, and will be updated if new factorial scripts are shipped with further Yosemite updates.
2. The previous version of those installer scripts use their current
directories as working directory, this may cause serious failure of downloading PlistRegEx and Source Han Sans correctly. We Fixed this issue by building a specific temporary working directory, and this directory will be removed if these new installer scripts
get their job finished.
3. Both Installer Scripts and could now backup (move) and restore ttf STHeiti fonts (from /Library/Fonts/) correctly.
4. Comments are written neatly among Installer Scripts and
5. In order to let the always reads the most-recent backups, We updated backup methods: If most-recent backups detected while running Installer Scripts, the existed most-recent backups will be renamed by adding suffix with the current time stamp.
6. Both Installer Scripts and will let you confirm before they perform "kill-finder clean-font-cache force-reboot".
7. Safari CSS file is introduced to let Apple Safari follows system's font fallback settings.
8. We fixed all of those "IF" syntax errors which could cause failure on copying Hiragino Fonts from /Library/Fonts/ to System Font Folder.
9. The Installer Scripts now also translate DefaultFontfallbacks.plist into XML format before applying modifications.

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